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Limestone Pool Coping


Limestone Coping is the limestone cap on the edge of a swimming pool or spa which is mounted on the bond beam. Or it is often referred to as the top layer or course of a masonry wall, usually having a slanting upper surface to shed water; a cope. Coping can be in any thickness & it can have various edge treatments. Treatments commonly used are eased edge, demi-bullnosed, single or double bullnose depending on the design intent.


If you are look for a modern look- consider a 2 inch eased edge Indiana Limestone pool coping. If old world is more your style look for a 5 inch thick split face Hemingway pool coping.


Limestone Coping


At Epic Stone Works we can provide any type of coping you desire. We bullnose our limestone coping to spec and this process typically require a 3-5 day lead time. We offer a wide variety of sizes, patinas and grades for any project. With over 20 years of experience serving the market, Epic Stone Works limestone coping is beautiful and reliable.

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