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Florida Calcaire is natural limestone quarried near Lake Okeechobee and is a local and indigenous product. Our quarrying process allows the land to be reclaimed for farm use making unusable land available for planting.


When used as a retaining wall, cut calcaire helps reduce long term erosion and is not susceptible to rotting or termites.


Calcaire is a permeable material that absorbs water and reduces storm water runoff. Our 4-inch thick Calcaire can be used in the same application as a brick paver.


We are the only supplier in Florida to use a closed loop water filtration system that recycles 100% of the waste water generated by the sawing process.


Pavers and Building Veneers available in: 1.75, 2, 4, 6, 8-inch thicknesses
Formats: Flagstone, Rubble Strips, Cobble, Jumbo Cobble, Full Building Veneer, Thin Building Veneer
Treatments: Snap Cut, Rough Face, Smooth Face, Brushed Face
Native Material: Reclaimed within 500 mile Radius


Epic Stone Works is a "one-stop" resource for all your natural stone needs.
Our company understands the dynamics of designing with stone. Experience and knowledge allow us to simplify the selection and fabrication process by effectively collaborating with architects, designers, builders and installation contractors. The results provide the most discerning client, the look they desire. Epic Stone Works works diligently to provide you with realistic timelines and delivery schedules.

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