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Cap Rock

Cap Rock in stock at Epic Stone Works

Epic Stone Works introduced cap rock to the commercial market. And our company continues to control the vertically integrated mining and transport process from beginning to end, to insure your satisfaction.

Cap Rock is from the state of Florida

Cap rock is quarried in Florida and thus is a local and indigenous material. Our quarrying process allows for the land to be reclaimed for farm use thus making unusable land available for planting. 

Cap rock is a limestone and by its very nature is a pervious material that absorbs water and reduces storm water runoff. When used as a retaining wall cap rock can reduce long term erosion and is not susceptible to rotting or termites. 

 Our signature line is indigenous to the state of Florida. Cap rock is a Florida term for rock found near the surface serving as a cap over a layer of of sand 10-15 feet in depth. Cap rock comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 2 feet to 6 feet in length. The size of the rock determines the pricing. Many cap rocks also contain nooks that provide perfect habitats for bromeliads and tropical foliage.

Cap rocks are now used extensively in the creation of waterfalls, rock walls, accent pieces, and planters. We recommend that you employ a skilled stone mason or contractor to install waterfalls.

Please note that due to variations in PC monitors the actual color of cap rock provided may differ slightly from the picture shown below. It is best to see actual samples or discuss color specifications with one of our skilled sales representatives.


Available Styles
Cap Rock 4 inch
Cap Rock 2 inch
Cap Rock 12 inch
Cap Rock
Cap Rock 8 inch
Cap Rock 6 inch
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