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Indiana Limestone
Indiana Limestone Color for Specification

Indiana Limestone is typically thought of in the colors listed below. Because of our vast resources and reserves at Epic Stone Works, these color options are available in more subtle variations to match most every project need.


We offer architects, builders, and fabricators a versatility that is unmatched by any other supplier of limestone.


Buff: Traditional buff color ranging from cream to light brown with some veining and grain movement visible in the face.


Full Color Blend: A natural compilation of the full range of buff to light gray shades with the same great subtle veining.

Silver Buff: Clean buff color with a subtle silver colored veining in the foreground.

Gray: Varies in color from light to dark shades of gray with visible veining in the face.

Variegated: An unselected mixture of buff and gray tones with a wide range of grain structure and veining.


Indiana Limestone Grades for Specification

Grade classifications for Indiana limestone are based on the degree of fineness of the grain particles and other natural characteristics that make up the stone. The structural soundness of each grade of Indiana Limestone is essentially identical.


Select: Fine grained stone having a controlled minimum of inclusions and veining.

Standard: Average to large grained stone permitting an average amount of inclusions and veining.

Rustic: Large to coarse-grained stone permitting an above average amount of inclusions and veining.


Indiana Limestone Finishes for Specification

Below are examples of the most popular finishes offered from Epic Stone Works. Through our wide selection of colors, grades, sizes, and finishes we assure that all aesthetic and structural requirements of the most demanding projects are met. Epic Stone Works offers the broadest range of color, grade, and finish and we match that offering with excellence in customer service.

Available Styles
4-cut Finish
Abrasive Finish
Broached Finish
Bush-hammered Finish
Rock Faced
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