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Travertine Pavers
Travertine Pavers in Stock - More Affordable Than Marble.

Travertine pavers hail from the Turkey. Epic Stone Works offers an impressive selection of 7 colors. Travertine pavers are 1.25 inches thick. They are typically sand set and provide an Old-World look to any exclusive property. Travertine deposits are found in the same mountains where marble is mined and travertine pavers have many of the same properties as marble pavers, but for a fraction of the price. Epic Stone Works offers travertine pavers that have less than a 7% waste factor. The national average waste factor is 13%.

Travertine Pavers - Affordable Luxury

Travertine pavers will create a creative and artistic arrangement for patio and offer affordable luxury to your most discerning client. Epic Stone Works travels the globe to bring you the widest selection of quality material at the very best prices.

• Most competitive prices for travertine in southeast United States

• Most diverse selection of travertine pavers, marble, tile, and flooring available in Florida

• First Quality travertine pavers: We don’t stock commercial quality.

• Safety: Natural stone is non-skid even when wet

• Environmentally friendly through water use reduction

• Travertine available for immediate shipment


Epic Stone Works is a "one-stop" resource for all your natural stone needs.


Our company understands the dynamics of designing with stone. Experience and knowledge allow us to simplify the selection and fabrication process by effectively collaborating with architects, designers, builders and installation contractors. The results provide the most discerning client, the look they desire.

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