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Larry's Cap Rock & Stone (LCRS) proudly introduces Cut Cap Stone to the Florida market. Cut Cap Stone is quarried inFlorida, thus it qualifies as a locally, indigenous building material eligible for LEED certification. "Our quarrying process allows for the land to be reclaimed for farm use once the stone has been harvested, thus making unusable land available for planting. Our fabrication process uses a 100% closed loop state of the art water filtration & recycling systems to insure energy efficiency and to minimize our footprint on Florida’s fragile ecological system, "said Allyson Humphries, Director of Sales & Marketing.


Cut Cap Stone is a limestone and, by its very nature, is a pervious material that absorbs water and reduces storm water runoff. LCRS stocks 4" thick Cut Cap Stone which can be used in the same applications as a paving material. Used in this way, Cut Cap Stone is permeable with a Compressive Strength average of 3680 PSI (Universal Engineering Sciences Testing). Cut Cap Stone also helps to reduce the heat-island effect since it is cool to the touch. When used as a retaining wall, Cut Cap Rock can help reduce long-term erosion and is not susceptible to rotting or termites. "We are very excited to introduce this stone to market, and to showcase green friendly & responsible quarrying practices. We are the sole supplier of Cut Cap Stone quarried and fabricated in an environmentally responsible manner." said Ryan Albregts president of LCRS.


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