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January 23,2012 - LCRS Introduces Hemingway

Larry''s Cap Rock & Stone is proud to introduce a new limestone Hemingway to the Florida market. This dense limestone is white with coquina shell formation. It is reclaimed in Miami-Dade county and is used in very much the same ways as coralina. It is reclaimed about 40 feet below the surface. "Many of our clients were looking for an alternative to keystone due to the limited supply & pricing pressures," said Allyson Humphries, Senior Director Architectural Sales & Marketing. "Hemingway adheres to the design intent without the higher price point associated with keystone, " said Humphries.


Because Hemingway is native and is fabricated within a 50 mile radius, it qualifies for LEED certification.


Available in: 1.75, 2, 4, 6, 8 inch thicknesses

Formats: Flagstone, Rubble Strips, Cobble, Jumbo Cobble, Full Building Veneer, Thin Building Veneer

Treatments: Snap Cut, Rough Face, Smooth Face, Brushed Face

Native Material: Reclaimed within 500 mile Radius

Preliminary Testing indicates the following properties but these have not been independently verified.


ASTM c99  – Modulus of Dry Rupture 1088 psi

ASTM c99 – Modulus of Wet Rupture 1103 psi

ASTM c97 – Absorption 2.62

ASTMc170 Compressive Strength – 2213 psi

ASTMc880 Flexural Strength – 415 psi


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