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Shell Stone- We are the market leader in the Southeast


Epic Stone Works is the leading purveyor of shell stone in the Southeast. We offer an impressive selection of natural stone and limestones from all over the world.
Shell stone is a sedimentary stone found in Florida and Central America, sharing characteristics of limestone, with fossils and shells embedded in its body. The shell stone is relatively soft and porous and it retains less heat than denser stones. Because of these properties it is often used in exteriors near pools. Shell formations will vary depending on where the stone is extracted. As an example Dominican stone will have large fan shaped shells where Florida stone will have small conch shells throughout.


Whether you are looking for an indigenous shell stone like Hemingway or a more distant & refined selection such as Mexican Sisal stone, we are the market leader.
Behind every piece of stone we fabricate is the hand of an inspired designer, the skill of an experienced artisan and the compassion of a dedicated service associate.


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