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Stone Fireplaces- Inspired By History, Nature and Art


Up to the twelfth century, fires were simply made in the middle of a home by a hypocaust, or with braziers, or by fires on the hearth with smoke vented out the lantern in the roof. As time went on, the placement of fireplaces moved to the wall, incorporating chimneys to vent the smoke. This permitted the design of a very elaborate, rich, architectural focal point for a grand room.


The earliest known chimneypiece is in the Kings House at Southampton, with Norman shafts in the joints carrying a segmental arch, which is attributed to the first half of the twelfth century. At a later date, in consequence of the greater width of the fireplace, flat or segmental arches were thrown across and constructed with archivolt, sometimes joggled, with the thrust of the arch being resisted by bars of iron at the back.


In domestic work of the fourteenth century, the chimneypiece was greatly increased in order to allow of the members of the family sitting on either side of the fire on the hearth, and in these cases great beams of timber were employed to carry the hood; in such cases the fireplace was so deeply recessed as to become externally an important architectural feature, as at Haddon Hall


Stone Fireplaces


The largest chimneypiece existing is in the great hall of the Palais des Comtes at Poitiers, which is nearly 30 feet (9.1 m) wide, having two intermediate supports to carry the hood; the stone flues are carried up between the tracery of an immense window above.


The history of carved mantels is a fundamental element in the history of western art. Every element of European sculpture can be seen on great mantels. Many of the historically noted sculptors of the past i.e. Augustus St. Gaudens designed and carved magnificent mantels, some of which can be found on display in the worlds great museums. Exactly as the facade of a building is distinguished by its design, proportion, and detail so it is with fine mantels. The attention to carved detail is what defines a great mantel.


A stone fireplace or fine mantel defines the style and statement of an interior. Making the selection of the right mantel or stone fireplace for your home or commercial project is of utmost importance. Epic Stone Works is pleased to present our exquisite mantel collection distinguished by outstanding design, scale and detail. We offer an exceptional selection of antique mantels, as well as our historic collection of antique replicas.


Our stone fireplace collection feature original mantel designs inspired by history, nature and art. It all starts with the raw materials. The traditional mystery of quality in the finished product depends largely on the quality of the raw materials. It's an extremely simple fact and it's one which is confirmed by every piece hand-crafted by Epic Stone Works . Our stone selection includes our trademark Hemingway Stone, a material unique for its malleability and finish quality, as well as various dense limestones.
The lead time associated with your stone fireplace or mantel is typically 4 weeks depending on intricacy desired.


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